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  • Nigeria and its current state of Affairs.

    If you are a Nigerian living in the country as at the time of my writing this post, I am quite sure you know that right now in this country, “Things Didn’t Easy”.

    Except of course, if you are living in Aso Rock or well related to the inhabitants of that “Demonic Enclave”.

    This is the right time for the true citizens to take a position before it is too late. Many people have suggested different “solutions” to the situation we have found ourselves in, as is usual with us.

    Well for now, the solution that I think we should start with is the one you see below produced by a citizen who I am sure is one of those that have not yet been “transmitted into confuscus” as planned by the country’s enemies.

    This is surely a good starting point.

    See for yourself.

    If you truly love this country, you will share this message with like minds until it gets to as many compatriots as possible.

    God bless the artist that produced this cartoon.

    God bless you as you spread this message of redemption.

    God save Nigeria from the demons at work against it.

    May the Almighty God protect you and your family members in these difficult times.

    Please say a simple “Amen” to this prayer.